How to Create an Original Slogan with a Business Slogan Generator

Slogans are unique and memorable phrases used in conjunction with logos and taglines in advertising campaigns.

Slogans are the most effective means of attracting attention to one or more aspects of a brand.

If created with care, the slogan can keep your business in the minds of customers – until they are ready to come to your store and purchase your products.

The easiest way to create an unforgettable and compelling slogan today is by using a business slogan generator.

In this article, we will share essential tips on how to craft a killer slogan.

Powerful Slogans to Inspire You

If you are creating a business slogan, you probably want something that best represents your products and your brand in general. Also, you want a slogan that is easy to remember.

Some of the best examples are Nike – Just do It, McDonald’s – I’m Lovin It, KFC – Finger Lickin’ Good, and etc.

You’ve probably already heard these slogans, right.

There are many other great ones – Dollar Shave Club – Shave Time.Shave Money, L’Oreal – Because You’re Worth it, AutoZone – Get in The Zone, Walmart – Save Money. Live Better, and much more.

Inspired yet?

8 Tips on How to Craft a Great Slogan

To help you create a unique and recognizable slogan for your brand, here are eight helpful tips to get your creative juices flowing.

1.Focus on What Makes You Special

Before you decide to give the business slogan tool a try, you must figure out what your USP or unique selling proposition is.

It is important to incorporate what makes you different into your slogan, if possible, of course.

If you don’t know your unique selling proposition, how do you expect people to come and purchase your products? They don’t know anything about your brand and for them, you will be a typical store selling typical products. There is nothing special about you. At least that is what they’ll think.

You need to give them a reason to choose you over other brands.

2. Be Consistent

Whether you are a small business, a startup or a high-volume seller, consistent branding is key.

You need to make sure your slogan complement your logo, brand, and company name.

For example, the slogan of General Electric – Imagination at Work attracts immediate attention to their brand with a powerful and yet simple logo that celebrates innovation and human imagination. All of their products bare this testament to quality and creativity.

3. Keep it Simple and Short

It is important to keep your slogan short, under 9 or 10 words.

For example, if Las Vegas used – Whatever you do while you are in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas, instead of – What happens here, stays here, it might never have known as one of the best and most popular slogans.

Use the slogan generator and consider slogans that are short, simple, and transmit a unique message.

4. Consider Your Target Market

Another very important thing to consider is your target audience. Are your customers domestic, national or international?

If you do business internationally, translating your slogan to a different language can change the meaning. One example is KFC’s slogan – Finger Lickin’ Good. When they launched their stores in China, the slogan was translated – Eat Your Fingers Off. Not good, right?

5. Go For a Funny Slogan

If you can bring humor to your slogan, don’t hesitate and do it. People today love funny things and if your slogan is one of them, they will love it for sure.

One great example worth mentioning is Cracked’s slogan – America’s Only Humor & Video Site, Since 1958. The slogan includes a few jokes – making fun of the usual slogan – Since such a year. We can’t say it for sure, but this is probably what made Cracked the only humor website in America.

While they had to make their slogan hilarious, the same approach is something you should adopt, if appropriate to your type of business, of course.

If you can’t make the slogan funny without making it stupid, drop the funny and with another option instead.

6. Make Sure Your Slogan Can Stand Alone

You want a slogan that speaks to your audience. You want a slogan that shares your company’s mission and vision. You want a slogan that tells your business story.

Your slogan shouldn’t be a mystery. Here is one example: The Best Place for Cartoons is Cartoon Network’s slogan and tells people what they will get when they tune in.

If your slogan can’t stand alone, it means your job is not done. You need to make some changes.

7. Be Patient

Business slogan makers can provide you with hundreds of different slogans, but sometimes, none of those slogans will fit your needs and business requirements.

You need to learn to stay patient. You can’t expect to find the perfect slogan in five minutes.

Start by brainstorming ideas, use the slogan tool to find inspiration, and then spend some time consulting and editing.

Crafting the slogan of your dreams isn’t easy and takes at least one day. You have to trust that you are really going to come up with a great slogan and know the time invested is worth it.

8. Make it Timeless

Good and powerful slogans use words that can stand the test of time. Keep in mind that trends and technology are changing and it is important to change with the times.

When you are working on your slogan, choose your words smartly. Think of longevity.

Business Slogan Generator: Conclusion

Using a business slogan maker is super easy. Enter one or more keywords related to your business into the search box and watch different slogans appear before your eyes.

You can choose from thousands of options, created tailored to your keywords.

When done right, a memorable and unique slogan will stick around for years. By using these great tips and the right business slogan tool, you will be on your way to creating a catchy slogan that fits your brand.

With the right slogan, you will impress your customers and make your business stand out. Read more

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